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4 Sinfully Stylish Halloween Costumes With Jewelry/Accessories

Posted on 22 October 2015

BEWARE! The spirit of Halloween is creeping up on front lawns, local stores, and every living creature’s Instagram timelines. The only thing spookier than encountering bloodthirsty vampires on Halloween, is not having the right accessories for your costume. Scary…

Playing dress up isn’t just a thing of the past or a Halloween thing for that matter, it’s a way of life! That said, your festive ensemble is in need of accessories that will shine in your collection year round. Check out trendy bling for a night to remember and for fashion-forward days to come.

Daisy Buchanan  

Lavish lace, opulent headpieces, eloquent off-white shades, and extravagant furs covers Daisy Buchanan’s very essence. She wears her wealth like Chanel No. 5 perfume and uses her embellishments as conversation starters. Every center of attention needs her lustworthy statement jewels, and the Splendid Sparkles necklace doesn’t disappoint. Dress the part like this classic beauty and wear it with the Dazzle in Distress earrings and the On the Rocks ring for an exquisite look.


Earth tones and spiritual fringe embodies Pocahontas’ wanderlust livelihood. Fall for nature’s feels with a suede slip and tassel details for cultured, sultry flair. The Lucky Fringe necklace genuinely embodies Native American style from its aqua stone to its dangling ornaments. Pierce your look with the Dagger Ear Jacket for looks as sharp as an arrow. Lastly, compliment your costume with the Feathered Cuff for uniqueness.



A true queen walks into the room dripping in gold and leaves a trail of a gold rush behind her. Finish your Cleopatra costume off with a Midas Touch to have everyone green with envy. The Warrior Tassel necklace captures supreme royalty and Egyptian style with gold links and tassels. Rhinestones embrace gold links to transcend this necklace with reign style. Pair this necklace with the Chic Emperor earrings and the Golden Arch to be a true goddess.  



Bewitch your foolish prey with the Ignite the Night necklace to gain total control! This statement necklace features ebony details as black as your soul, complemented with mystic gems. The Evil Eye Onyx Ear Jacket will have your victims enthralled as they catch sight of its layered construction and contrasting black and gold hues. As the final step to keep them all spellbound, praise your stiletto nails with the Night Divine ring for a dash of mystery.

Blog post by Alicia Hall

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